Our flagship course combines Technical Writing and Marketing (MarCom) skills to match students to the increasing desire of businesses, hi-tech and bio-tech companies to use a single communications person with a versatile skill set as a way to control costs.

Length: The course runs for 152 academic hours and has 2 principal modules. Classes meet twice weekly for 4 hour session over a 19 week period with brief vacations for holiday periods.


The course contains two principal modules.

MarCom (60 Hours)

After completion of this course, you will have the skill set to handle all aspects of marketing communications/marketing writing in all kinds of companies and organizations. These include Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C), and work with Not-For-Profit organizations (NGOs).

This module includes techniques such as: use of video and photography in social media, building and maintaining websites using WordPress and WIX, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), free and paid social media ads and analytics, automated inbound and outbound marketing tools and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  Partial list of additional topics covered in both courses.  

We will practice writing winning business proposals, white papers, product specification sheets. You will also learn advanced techniques in PowerPoint.

Technical Writing (92 Hours)

Upon successful completion, you will be a qualified technical writer for hitech, biotech, agtech, greentech and cleantech.

We will learn to create and edit user manuals, online help, and other technical documentation and product specifications. We will cover basic graphic design, desktop publishing (DTP) and develop advanced skills in Word, Adobe FrameMaker and Robohelp.

We will familiarize ourselves with HTML, single sourcing, DITA, XML and non-Windows systems (such as Unix/Linux, Apple), and also be introduced to API/SDK documentation.

This module overviews hardware and software as well as the project and product life-cycles, including Agile vs. Waterfall, and information security and collaboration, in order to help writers better relate to the engineering process.

We will also improve soft-skills such as relationship management within the technical writing pipeline, writing and working with translators, and career and CV preparation.

Top 8 reasons to choose Our Best Words

  1. We teach a 160 hour technical writing class that includes a 60-hour marketing writing and new-media module. Business are consolidating and need a single writer with both technical and marketing writing skills.
  2. We teach you general skills rather than focusing on one or two sets of authoring tools, so you remain flexible and relevant. Authoring tools are always changing.
  3. We keep pace with the technology, and do real-time updates to our classes and curriculum, even mid-semester.
  4. We invite you back, free of charge, if a new tool or skill is taught for a later version of your course – after you graduated, or if you simply need to refresh a skill.
  5. We believe in LIVE interaction, in Real Time with your fellow students and teachers which cannot be had with pre-recorded classes! We host Live class sections in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and in the North and South.
  6. We provide you a recorded version of your own Live class, so you can review the materials again later at your leisure.
  7. We provide personalized attention and instruction and grade your homework!
  8. We remain dedicated to your success as you advance in your career path.

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