Why Our Best Words?

  1. We teach a 152 hour technical writing class that includes a 60-hour marketing writing and new-media module, to respond to the growing trend for businesses to seek a single job applicant qualified in both technical and marketing fields.
  2. We use a skills-based approach, to make sure you understand the theory behind why things are done a certain way – as opposed simply to teaching you programs and tools which can, and do, change every couple of years.
  3. In addition, we move with the technology, and do real-time updates to our classes and curriculum, even mid-semester. We want to make sure you are learning very latest technologies and tools used in today’s marketplace.
  4. Also, because we know the importance of LIVE student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction, we host class sections in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and also in the North and South of Israel. We also provide to our students a recorded version of every class session, so you can review the materials again later at your leisure.
  5. We provide personalized attention and instruction customized to the needs of each individual student, and remain dedicated to your success from the moment we meet, until you’ve completed your growth arc into the next phase of your career.

We Teach What We’re Good At !

We leverage our over-20 years’ experience and connections in the relevant fields to train students in proven and modern methodologies and technologies. The varied backgrounds of our faculty and staff provide students with the necessary flexibility to navigate the constantly changing river of today’s business world.

What Our Students Say?

Corporate and Personal Training

Save the costs and overhead of hiring new staff or freelancers or replacing loyal existing staff as your organization’s needs change. Let Our Best Words train your staff in our expertise and quickly bring their skill set up to speed and productivity. Many of our training programs can be taught at your or our facilities, or Live remotely using state of the art video technologies.

Build your Career with Our Best Words!

Seminars and Courses

We offer short workshops and professional courses such as graphics, power use of Word and other office tools, building a website using WordPress and Wix, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing writing.

Read more on our Courses and Workshops : Marketing Writing Course (Marcom), One-hour Websites – WordPress and Wix, Web Wizards, Word Wizards.

Our flagship Technical Writing and MarCom course, which includes many of the above modules, is recognized by Israel Absorption Ministry (Misrad Haklita) and National Insurance (Bituah Leumi) who provide scholarships for qualified students.
Learn more about our Technical Writing & MarCom Course