“While I had some background in the basics of Marketing Communications, I realized that I’d fallen behind over the years and needed to get up to date.Taking OBW’s MarCom course was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s impossible today to operate without skills in social media marketing, writing for websites, and an understanding of how to make any business or organization function effectively online. Sarah Manning and FE King have got things well-organized while the structure and convenience of online lessons during the coronavirus situation really fit in well with the new reality, as well as making things relevant to the changing job market. OBW has given me a huge upgrade on my skill set and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I’ve already used the skills I’ve learned in my new job. I highly recommend taking OBW’s MarCom course – it’s a great investment in these uncertain times.”
Simon Plosker, Managing Editor, UN Watch

“I just completed the tech/marcom course. It was a new challenge for me and a career change. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and professional development. The OBW team are caring, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the course. The Zoom-delivered classes are great and incredibly convenient! Highly recommended course.”
Aaron Gorsuch, Freelance writer, Neot Golan

“I highly recommend Ephraim and Leah Guren’s TC course.  At the time I was completely computer illiterate but I always had good English skills. Well it was like teaching a kid to swim by dumping into her into the deep end of a swimming pool. However with Leah’s demanding but encouraging approach and Ephraim’s helping me get through each homework assignment, .I highly enjoyed having to learn new concepts all the time and document them for others to easily understand them.. The computer skills I gained in the course and the CT work afterwards gave me the base to work with the dairy management programs we use on the farm. I also still edit research papers in a number of fields for friends and family.
Jump in and go for it.”!
Bila Sher, Technical Writer and Dairy Farmer

“I took a MarCom course organized by Our Best Words. The course was a perfect balance between theory and practice. The teacher was great and mastered his subject very well. When I look back at what I learned I realize that this course was what every person should take since MarCom is as useful today as using a mobile or having a computer at home. Thanks Ephraim for all your time and effort in making this class a real success.”

Andre Atwood, Administrative Manager, Balink – Enterprise and Cloud Solutions

“Ephraim King was able to convey the knowledge specified in the syllabus to all levels of students in the limited time allocated for the course. In my particular instance, the course clarified the reasons behind the technical writing practices I had already learned in my first technical writing position. The materials used in the course made the desktop publishing concepts come alive. He used his knowledge of the technical writing market to make the course relevant.”

Ronald Schwarz, Senior Technical Writer, Enghouse Interactive/CosmoCom

“Ephraim King went out of his way to educate students. Even years after finishing the course I could always contact him for further advice on technical writing or career issues.”

Louis Weijl, Technical Writer, Applied Materials

“I enjoyed very much the process of developing and mock-marketing a new product for our experiential “start-up” team. We developed a new anti-virus technology that could do almost everything except washing your dishes. I continue to apply the marketing and social media concepts I learned from OBW.”

Dina Ruth Wespiser, Technical and Marketing Writer

“FE’s course was a launchpad for a new direction in my career. I highly recommend his course!”
Michael Moreno, Technical Writer at Align Technology

“I took FE’s Our Best Words course . It was a really useful introduction to tech writing, and helped set the stage for what’s become a solid career for me. If you have an affinity for tech and are interested in the field, I’d recommend checking out FE King’s course.”
Stefan (Shalom) Boroda
Technical writer, UX writer, content strategist at

“Ephraim King used the existing material on Desktop Publishing (DTP) together with his extensive practical knowledge of the Israel technical writing market to make the course interesting and relevant.”

Betzalel Even-Zahav, Supervisor, Engineering Publications, El-Al Israel Airlines

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