Our flagship Foundations Course combines Technical Writing and Marketing (MarCom) skills, to equip students to meet the increasing need within hi-tech companies for communications personnel with broad and versatile skills to write both their technical and their marketing materials.

The Combined Foundations course runs for 200 academic hours taught over 4 months, with  4 classes and two assignments each week. Classes are scheduled in the early evening hours to suit people who may be working, but the combined course requires a serious commitment of at least 10 hours each week.

Combined Foundations Course

The combined Technical Writing & MarCom Foundations course contains three principal modules:

  1. TechComm Foundations (15 weeks)
  2. MarCom & Social Media Marketing (15 weeks)
  3. Career Development Course (8 weeks)

Each course module can be taken individually and includes practical skills training, hands-on workshops, and real-world project assignments that you can use to build your personal portfolio. You can also choose to add elective courses from our Skills Courses curriculum (These are offered at reduced prices to Foundations Courses students!)

Participation in these courses is conditional on candidates fulfilling certain requirements. Click here for details.

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1. Technical Writing (60 Hours)

Upon successful completion of this Technical Communications course, you will be a qualified technical writer for the hi-tech, bio-tech, agri-tech, green-tech and clean-tech sectors. You will learn to create and edit user manuals, online help guides, and other technical documentation and product specifications. We will also cover basic graphic design, desktop publishing (DTP) and advanced skills in Microsoft Word. You will become familiar with writing HTML, single sourcing, DITA, XML and non-Windows systems (such as Unix/Linux, Apple), and also be introduced to API/SDK documentation.

If you already have some or most of these skills, ask about our Advanced TechComm Skills course, and talk to us about customizing a skills syllabus to suit your needs!

2. MarCom & Social Media Marketing (60 Hours)

Our Marketing Communication and Social Media course is designed to equip you with all the skills required today to promote brands online and offline. You will be able to work as a content writer and to run marketing campaigns for all kinds of companies and organizations, whether business to business, business to consumer, and not-for-profit organizations (NGOs).

For all types of organizations, digital marketing and social media are becoming more important than ever. We teach the principles behind online promotional campaigns as well as showing you how to use all the major marketing platforms and how to optimize your marketing writing for different environments. The course includes writing marketing collateral of different types, including Powerpoint presentations and press releases, writing content for websites and blogs using search engine optimization techniques (SEO),  writing and running organic and paid social media ad campaigns, understanding campaign analytics, creating email campaigns and landing pages, and  utilizing inbound and outbound marketing tools.

We will involve you in real-time digital marketing campaigns, so that you not only gain hands-on experience in all these skills but also develop materials that will form the basis of your first professional portfolio.

3. Career Development Course (32 hours)

As part of our Combined TechComm and MarCom Foundations Course, we provide training in important soft skills that will help you to find and secure well-paid work as a communications professional. This includes how to write impressive CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, how to develop your professional portfolio, interview, job test and presentation techniques, and how to set up and run your business as a freelance writer.

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Skills Courses for Writers

If you would like to learn new skills but do not have time for our longer training course, you are invited to update your skill set by taking one of the following short courses. Each is taught by an expert instructor and includes practical skills that you can implement immediately, and projects that you can include in your professional portfolio.

  • Website Building & Management (3 weeks starting January 2021)
  • Social Media Marketing (7 weeks, April 2021)
  • Technology for Software TCs (7 weeks, Summer 2021)
  • Graphics for Content Development (4 weeks, Summer 2021)
  • InDesign (3 weeks, Summer 2021)
  • FrameMaker (4 weeks, Summer 2021)
  • HATs (Help Authoring Tools) (4 weeks, Summer 2021)
  • Advanced TechComm Topics (6 weeks, Summer 2021)

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