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  • Does the current Covid-19 crisis have you at home or at a career crossroads, weighing new career options for now or for the morning after? 
  • Would you like the flexibility to work from home or on-site at any hi-tech company?
  • Are you considering Aliya and trying to find, your niche in the Israel job market, without requiring native Hebrew?
  • Is this a good time for you to up-skill so that you can qualify for a wider range of job opportunities when the market recovers?
  • Do you qualify for a retraining grant or for a new immigrant vocational training voucher?

Now is the ideal time to prepare for a new career in the technical or marketing content writing, particularly if you need to change career, want to work from home, or are preparing to move to Israel. Our Best Words is the only online school teaching foundational and advanced technical and marketing communication skills. Study safely in the comfort of your own home to acquire new skills for the 2021 post-COVID job market.

Live from the Start-Up Nation, our interactive classes provide you with relevant skills and real-time interaction with expert instructors and other students. Each class includes a homework assignment and a workshop to discuss your assignment and those of your classmates, so you benefit from a broad range of ideas and learn how to use your new skills. If you miss a class or want to refresh your memory, you can go back and review the recording of any class “on demand” at a convenient time for you.

Our Best Words Courses in 2021 include:

  • Marketing Writing
  • Social Media Communications
  • Website Building
  • Technical Communications Skills
  • Technical Communications Tools
  • Career Development & Job Hunting

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Opportunities for Technical Writers

Israel’s hi-tech and bio-tech industries are likely to come through the COVID pandemic either unscathed or with enhanced profitability. The entire tech industry worldwide offers many exciting new career opportunities for people who have a technical background and good writing skills. Many employees will probably continue to work fully or partially from home.

“There’s a shortage of 15,000 workers in the industry and there are enough openings to absorb all the new workers.” 

Paule Tzuker, CEO of the high-tech placement firm Nisha Group interviewed by Haaretz
Leah Guren discussing the Technical Communication classes and profession.

Would you qualify for a career in Technical Communications?

We are happy to advise you. Send us your CV for a free career evaluation: or call us at: +972 (50) 529-0775
or +972 (58) 429-0775 from overseas or USA +1-786-507-8206

Opportunities for Marketing Communications Professionals

If you enjoy writing and would like a career in digital marketing, this course is for you. You will learn how marketing works, how to write marketing materials for any type of organization, and how to promote products and services online. You will be able to work in-house, creating English-language marketing materials (or writing in your own mother tongue) or set up as a freelance content writer.

The Our Best Words Marketing Writing module will teach you how to write websites and presentations, brochures and flyers, press releases and advertising campaigns. Learn about search engine optimization, keywords and other tools that Google offers for marketing businesses online. The Social Media Communications module prepares you to write different types of marketing copy and content for the most widely used social media platforms. Both modules include practical projects that you can use as the basis of your portfolio and present to potential employees and clients as proof of real-world experience.

Sarah Manning discussing our MarCom and Social Media classes and profession.

Opportunities for Technical & Marketing Writers

Our Best Words students who elect to take the Combined Technical Communications and Marketing Communications Foundations Course will be super-qualified to help tech companies in Israel and worldwide. Today many hi-tech companies and start-ups are looking for people with technical and Marcom skills who can help manage all aspects of their internal and external communications.

Millions of companies and non-profits, large and small, are looking for skilled Marcom and content writers. Our MarCom courses will equip you to work in-house or as a freelance marketing writer, working fully or partially from home. Our Career Development Course will help you to find and apply for these opportunities.

Would you qualify for a career in Marketing Communications?

We are happy to advise you. Send us your CV for a free career evaluation: or call us at: +972 (50) 529-0775 or +972 (58) 429-0775 from overseas or USA +1-786-507-8206

Daniella Frost discussing her Career Workshops.

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