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Millions of companies and non-profits, large and small, are looking for skilled marketing and content writers. Our Marketing Communication (MarCom) courses are designed to equip you to work in-house or as a freelance marketing writer, working fully or partially from home.

Learn the Basics of Marketing

The MarCom Foundation Course starts with an explanation of the marketing funnel that is intrinsic to all digital marketing campaigns. It explains the principles of inbound and outbound digital marketing, and teaches how to write all types of marketing collateral. This includes marketing copywriting and content writing for websites and blogs, email campaigns, landing pages and press releases. You will also learn about writing white papers and case studies, brochures and Powerpoint presentations. You will learn how to play by Google’s rules and use their tools to promote any brand or organization.

Start a Successful Career in Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing Course applies these basic marketing principles to social media campaigns across all platforms. You will learn how to build an online presence and market any brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Using free promotional techniques you can create and implement an engaging social media calendar across all platforms. We will also learn how to run advertising campaigns to generate sales leads, and understand the campaign metrics. Finally, we will discuss how to use social media skills to protect your brand or organization in a crisis.

If you are interested in a career in marketing, this course is for you! Following on from the MarCom Writing and Social Media Marketing courses, Our Best Words Career Development Course will help you to find and apply for in-house positions. Either of the above courses can also be taken individually to update and supplement your existing marketing skills. Complete the inquiry form below to receive more information and discuss your suitability for these courses.

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Course Structure

Each course includes practical skills training, hands-on workshops, and real-world project assignments that you can use to build your personal portfolio. These MarCom Foundation Courses involve 2 classes and one practical assignment each week for 15 weeks. Classes are scheduled in the early evening hours to suit people who may be working. Classes are delivered live and online, with recordings available to registered students to review or catch up on a missed class.

Participation in these courses is conditional on candidates fulfilling certain requirements. Click here for details.

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TechComm + MarCom = Great Career!

If you have a technical background, why not take our Marketing & MarCom Courses as part of our TechComm and MarCom Foundation Course, to equip yourself for a marketing and technical communications career in any one of the many growing hi-tech sectors that interests you. This combined course meets the rigid standards set and recognized by Misrad Haklita and Bituach Leumi.

About our MarCom Instructor

Our MarCom Lecturer Sarah Manning has worked in marketing and communications for 30 years, learning new digital marcom skills every day! She first worked in the advertising industry in London and then developed her own business, creating fundraising materials for the UK’s major Jewish organizations, before making Aliyah with her family in 2002. Her communications agency in Israel – Tikshoret PR & Marketing – has a broad client base including: international women’s organizations, Israeli start-ups, financial and real estate companies, travel businesses and non-profits. She tries to help new entrepreneurs navigate their way through the fast-growing social media forest, providing individual help and practical projects for students to work on.

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