As we all know that social marketing is the current and future marketing trend. It has several advantages compared to classic marketing:

Higher level of transparency

Customers, prospect, business partners, and employees are googling for information: e.g., legal complications, background, experience, recommendations. Companies therefore need to be transparent in order to build and maintain trust with their suppliers, customers, employees, stakeholders and target audience. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs are perfect to inform and communicate in real time.

Promotion is far less intrusive

Customers resent aggressive ads that are intrusive and interrupt. Smart companies know the behavior pattern of their target audience and make sure to engage them in a smart way with their brand. Social media provide a great promotion channel, since the target audience has control over how and when to be exposed to brand and product promotion.

Focus on target audience, not the business itself

Good marketing is interactive. Marketing campaigns should be aimed at and interacting with the target audience. Any campaign launched by the company must be built on the target audience, not the business itself.

Integrates online video

Video and mobile marketing are gaining ground. More and more companies are creating their own online video content. Especially testimonials and endorsements are powerful tools. They are easy to create and posting them on YouTube ensures instant and free promotion.


It rocks

Social marketing provides a golden marketing opportunity, but it must be done properly. It must therefore have repeatability; a one-time effort is not only a waste of time, but would also build false expectations and could therefore easily backfire. Needless to say, in the online marketing arena, any campaign must be relevant and memorable. The power of any online marketing campaign is its ability to go viral.

Leveraging new concepts
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube are here to stay, so leverage them. More and more individuals and companies around the world are adopting them. They provide agile channels to reach potential customers, build brand loyalty, to keep connected with customers, and to find out what competitors are up to.


The main expense for managing a social media platform is time when done in-house. But it must be correctly – it must remain relevant, consistent and persistent. Many companies therefore prefer to outsource.

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