by Ephraim King

I am sitting in a class with creative people from a potpourri of cultures and professional backgrounds. I am inspired to write again and ask … “Why not Tzfat”?

So many of us yearned for Tzfat while we were still abroad. I did. When I made Aliya it was elsewhere. I started in the South and moved to Jerusalem later. I maintained a connection while still abroad and frequently visit after Aliya.

Many like minded professionals have found their way here, drawn by the special spiritual and creative climate. Israel’s economic miracle has turned the Galilee into a powerhouse of hi tech

Until now – creative professionals with great experience and command of the English language and culture had to choose between professional fulfillment in the Center or spiritual and creative fulfillment in Tzfat.

The dichotomy is felt on Tzfat’s outer borders as you appear to cross between two worlds. The recent growth in hi tech surrounded Tzfat but has not hit Tzfat … until now …

A new medical school is opening in the fall. The Youth Center and Tzfat College, Tzfat Mayor’s office, Immigration Absorption Ministry, Nefesh BeNefesh Go North, and many hi tech, bio-tech and green/clean tech companies are bullish about the future of Israel’s Northern Frontier.

A beginning artist may have started as a child, learning to paint by numbers and connect the points. A child’s curiosity is encouraged and uninhibited by adults that tell the child what s/he can’t or shouldn’t do or be able to do or think.

The hi tech and Jewish world is all about connections. A point in physics actually has no mass at all, yet together we see something real. Now we have a dedicated team of lecturers and writers that will connect a veritable reserve of creative professionals with great opportunities in the area and without. We see the tremendous potential and are voting with our feet.

So come here and join us in our newest challenge in practical Zionism, not about land, but about space and time. Let’s transcend our restrictions and begin thinking outside the box … together … you and me … we …

Why Tzfat? Why not?

… To be continued …