Take Charge of your organization with quality support services essential to your company’s mission and vision. Your customers will appreciate and respect the impressive way your company presents itself, its products and services. From your business plan to your product presentations, data sheets, white papers and application notes, to software engineering and technical support services, Our Best Words can help you tune your quality, look and feel, exhibiting your organization at its very best.

Business Strategy

Building a business and marketing plan is a lengthy process that can take months to prepare. By outsourcing market research and business strategy, companies can benefit from being able to work in parallel with the outsourcing firm’s professional team, in order to achieve all their goals and develop their products. Coupled with a good business plan and strategy, it is important to define products based on market feedback. Outsourcing product marketing creates on-time and quality deliverables, while allowing your company to stay focused on its development efforts.

Our Best Words’ Business Strategy Department takes a staged approach to business development. In this way, your company can decide if continuing on to the next stage is a worthwhile venture, saving you money and time. A staged approach enables companies to estimate investments and costs while maximizing efforts to target new markets and expand their client and revenue base.


The Our Best Words team includes writers with years of experience in planning and conducting fundraising campaigns of all kinds. Whether your organization is political, social or cultural, we can provide you with strategic planning, comprehensive understanding of your target populations, and direct response writing to give your campaign added value and uncommon energy.

Our fundraising services are tailored to the both digital and print media as relevant to your organization including social media, email campaigns, brochures, solicitation letters and direct mail envelopes and inserts in newspapers and magazines.

No matter what the format, fundraising text should be informative, relevant and personal. While visual elements are no doubt important, the copy is decisive for your fundraising campaign’s success. Let Our Best Words bring the advantage of excellent writing to your next campaign.

Traditional Direct Mail Campaigns

For social, cultural and charitable institutions, a well-planned and well-executed direct mail fundraising program is essential for continued development. Only a donor base spread over a broad section of the public will continue to support your institution or organization no matter what the economic situation.

Our Best Words, in partnership with MediaWise, an agency known for excellence in advertising and direct mail, can help you establish and run a direct mail fundraising program. Our capabilities include:

  • Writing and designing all letters, outer envelopes, brochures, reply coupons, etc.
  • Suggesting and executing strategies for capturing new contributors, based on inexpensive inserts in newspapers.
  • Printing personalized request letters, thank-you letters and receipts.
  • Maintaining a relational database of contributors, including name, address, gift record, method of payment, etc.
  • Segmenting contributors according to regency, frequency and gift amounts, for the preparation of different versions of request and thank-you letters.
  • Physically preparing envelopes for mailing.
  • Producing incentive and gift items, such as calendars, bookmarks, magnets, etc.

Our Best Words looks forward to working with you to develop a loyal and generous donor base.

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