Technical Writing

Outstanding technical documentation is an essential element of your product or service. It is an integral part of your trademark look and feel, indispensable for cutting your technical support costs. Without high quality technical documentation, your customers are frustrated, your support staffs are overtaxed, and your competitive edge is threatened.

Our Best Words produces: user, admin and hardware manuals, quick-start guides, white papers, brochures and other marketing materials, specifications and requirements documents, online help, web content, training videos, slides and courseware, and much more.

Our Best Words creative teams add professionalism and expertise to enhance quality and streamline costs. Our professionals have years of experience in fields such as hitech, cleantech, greentech, agtech and bio-medical, and in various departments such as technical communication, training, information technology (IT), support, R&D, web technologies, networking, software programming, hardware engineering, product development, project and product management, social media, marketing and business development to name a few.

Our Best Words’ proprietary method, Comprehensive Team Writing delivers a new level of competence and clarity. We provide a team including a technical expert (often an engineer), technical content writer, editor, graphic support person, and a quality assurance (QA) reviewers and testers.

Our technical expert is conversant with your technology and its language, and meets with your subject matter expert (SME) to quickly learn the system, ask the right questions and focus on the relevant issues. Then our technical expert sits with our technical writer, who produces the document. The final documents undergo a rigid editing and QA process to ensure the document meets the exacting demands of the world market.