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A recent study shows that only 47% of companies use social media for marketing. The organizations that do use social media are happy with it. Among savvy social media users, Dell announced that it realized over $3 million in revenues from using Twitter alone. Other businesses report that their use of social media resulted in up to 800% more.

There are various excellent reasons to join the social media wave: lead generation, branding, customer loyalty, direct marketing and e-commerce are just a few…..

Make sure to formulate a social media policy, select the social media that fit your company and maintain them.

There are quite a few options to choose from – so select what fits your organization’s needs best:

  • Business profile on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
    Start yourbusiness profile with a business account using your company logo as your picture (avatar). Unless you are your own brand (e.g., lawyer, artist, photographer, etc.), it’s wise to stay away from using your own headshot. Avoid mixing personal and business profiles or messages at all times.
  • Develop a marketing strategy specific to this media
    Avoid usingthe same message on Twitter that you developed for email blasts and postcard blitzes. The reason is simple: social media demands two-way communication. By nature, outbound media such as emails are one-way. Make sure to keep tabs on your viral marketing campaign; find out where your message will end up (and how!)
  • Start social networking with peers
    LinkedIn, Yammer and Facebook are great ways for P2P communications. Use them to leverage your networks to invite peers to attend your tradeshow, convention, or webinar. It’s also a great way to find out what other people are doing, and are excited about. Don’t forget: your peers love to share what they know!
  • Experiment with social media tools
    Use basic platforms like Twitter and Facebook and figure out all the features. Also use YouTube for video sharing, and Blogger and WordPress for blogging. They all add a human element to your business or service.
  • Proactively learn from the experts
    Sign up for a few free Webinars to get valuable advice. There are lots of free resources available on the Internet; all that is required is your investment in time!
  • Define relevant metrics and measure
    Organizations need some baseline measurements for checking your efforts; otherwise you will never know if you are making progress. You need to measure and learn what works for your organization and at what cost.

If used correctly, social media marketing can improve your business with new leads. It can bring traffic to your website and create buzz for your product or brand. It can also create inbound links to increase SEO ranking, and improve loyalty and trust with customers.

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