A win for companies.

Students of the Marketing Writing (MarCom) and Technical Writing courses in Israel are now available for Internships. By mentoring interns, you gain loyal dedicated professionals with backgrounds and abilities particularly suited to your organisation’s needs. 

Business managers, we encourage you to consider our highly motivated talented students who bring expertise from various professional backgrounds into the fields of MarCom and Technical Writing. Our students have sophisticated writing skills and will be happy to present you with both coursework and professional writing samples.

A win for interns.

Participating in our internship program increases your chances of professional success. You gain real-world experience and, if the work quality justifies, a recommendation from the company that can only help in your initial job search.

A win-win for all.

While participating in our internship program, both the employer and the intern will receive support and advice from a professional placement officer at Our Best Words.
Since the students will be in the final stages of our technical and marketing writing course when the internship begins, the goal is to have a competent professional ready for hire by the end of the internship.

Internship conditions.

Interns are placed for up to three months with a minimum weekly commitment from both sides of 20 hours. Upon completion of the internship employers are free (and encouraged) to directly recruit the interns, without paying additional placement fees, up to a year following the commencement of the internship.

During the internship, employers pay a low cost management fee to cover overhead, minimum salaries and social benefits as required by law. In addition, companies are asked to cover reasonable round-trip public transportation expenses to reach their premises and include the interns in whatever standard lunch coupon arrangements are provided to regular workers.

Our Best Words carefully screens the interns and assists the companies in the interview and acceptance process. During the internship, we will periodically check in on the intern’s progress and help to resolve any issues that may arise.

Contact us to learn more about the Our Best Words win-win internship program. Office: +972-2-656-3369  Mobile: +972-50-529-0775  USA Direct: +1-786-507-8206